When Was ClickFunnels Founded? The Amazing ClickFunnels Story

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ClickFunnels has revolutionized the digital marketing space in an incredibly short space of time.

So When Was ClickFunnels Founded? And What Really Is The ClickFunnels Story?

Did you know that for example since ClickFunnels was founded in just October of 2014, it has grown at a staggering pace amassing over 90,000 active users and growing at a rate equivalent to in excess of 300% per annum with revenues of now well over $100 million dollars.

Not bad for Russell Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnels, whose original foray into the world of internet marketing was through selling a ‘How to make a potato gun’ DVD!

Crazier still – did you also know that ClickFunnels is now the world’s fastest growing non-VC backed SaaS company?

This leads to even more questions!

Like why use ClickFunnels?

What does ClickFunnels do exactly?

And most importantly… does ClickFunnels really work?

In this post we dive deeper into the amazing word of ClickFunnels to explain exactly what it is and why you need ClickFunnels in 2019 and beyond if you want to make more money online and be successful in your digital marketing efforts.

So let’s get started!

What Is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a web-based funnel building software that allows you to create professional looking sales funnels without needing any prior technical expertise or knowledge of coding whatsoever.

In a nutshell, if you are looking to either:

  • Generate a lead
  • Make a sale
  • Host a webinar
  • Or create a dedicated members area for digital courses or information products

Then ClickFunnels has you covered!

As full-time ClickFunnels users ourselves, ClickFunnels is the closest thing to a one-stop-shop for digital marketers that you can find in the marketplace today.

ClickFunnels brings together a rich and wide ranging set of features all under one single monthly subscription that puts the power to make instant changes to your landing and sales pages directly in your hands as the marketer. No more reliance on outside developers.


What Kind of Funnels Can I Create In ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels Has Every Funnel You Can Think Of

Almost anything you can think of!

ClickFunnels gives you the ability to either create a funnel from scratch or by choosing from a selection of professionally designed pre-made and easy-to-use funnel templates.

Should you want to go the template route (let’s face it, that can really speed things up dramatically!), then as soon as you are logged into ClickFunnels you can choose to build any of the following funnel types:

  • Auto Webinar Funnel
  • 2-Step Tripwire Funnel
  • Bridge Funnel
  • Sales Letter Funnel
  • Summit Funnel
  • Ask Campaign Funnel
  • Homepage Funnel
  • Video Sales Letter Funnel
  • Survey Funnel
  • Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel
  • Storefront Funnel
  • Webinar Funnel
  • Product Launch Funnel
  • Cancellation Funnel
  • Invisible Funnel
  • Hero Funnel
  • Membership Funnel
  • Application Funnel
  • Live Demo Funnel
  • Lead Magnet Funnel
  • Squeeze Page Funnel
  • Daily Deal Funnel

ClickFunnels is also continuing to add more funnel types all the time so the selection continues to grow.

Also it’s worth pointing out that even if you are not familiar with a particular funnel type, you can just click on any one from within ClickFunnels to get a full overview of the funnel, its purpose, funnel steps etc and in doing so ClickFunnels will provide you with not only helpful explanations but also dedicated help tutorials.

Better yet, the way each funnel type is broken down resembles a cookbook style interface so you can see the necessary ‘ingredients’ and easily follow along with the ‘recipe’ to get your desired funnel built and live in no time at all!

Should I use ClickFunnels?

So who is ClickFunnels for? And should you use it?

These are important questions and its important to understand that as ClickFunnels is so powerful and versatile it really works well for a wide range of disciplines.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Authors
  • Speakers
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Professional Services Companies
  • Retailers
  • Ecommerce/Store Owners
  • B2B Specialists
  • Network Marketers
  • Bloggers

Don’t forget, simplistically the purpose of any online funnel is really only to achieve one or more of a handful of strategic business objectives:

  • To Generate Leads
  • To Sell A Product
  • To Create An Event e.g. A Webinar or Virtual Summit using something like GoToWebinar
  • To Deliver Information Products through Member Areas and File Delivery e.g. PDF downloads or hosting your very own digital course

So while we would never want to make generalizations, it is definitely fair to say that whatever your specific funnel need, its going to be available directly with ClickFunnels (or you can always custom build something in ClickFunnels there yourself).

Who is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson The Founder of ClickFunnels

Russell Brunson is the founder of ClickFunnels and shot to internet fame ever since ClickFunnels was launched in late 2014.

Without seeking any outside investment , Brunson and his co-founders, have been able to grow ClickFunnels through… you guessed it! Funnels!

This has meant that Brunson has been able to grow ClickFunnels to a gargantuan size in almost no time at all without dipping into his own personal finances as his funnels have enabled the company to be profitable from the get-go.

Even though ClickFunnels is a software company at its core, Russell knew he had to continuously gain new customers as sales is the lifeblood of any company and sales funnels are the vehicle to find it!

So with this in mind Brunson wrote a physical book called ‘Dotcom Secrets’ and instead of charging $19.95, he gave it away for FREE.

FREE Dotcom Secrets Book

Dotcom Secrets is now considered a must-read among internet marketers worldwide and you can grab your own personal copy for free here. If you haven’t read it yet, it is one of the best books on internet marketing you’ll ever read and better still it’s all laid out in an extremely easy to follow and digestible format that even a complete digital marketing beginner can understand.

The Dotcom Secrets model worked so well for Russell Brunson and the ClickFunnels Team in educating potential customers on the power of sales funnels and ascending them up the ClickFunnels value ladder (and through their various funnels!) that Russell then released another smash hit book called ‘Expert Secrets’.

Once again he gave it away for FREE.

The best way to describe the difference between Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets is this:

If Dotcom Secrets was the ultimate how-to guide on the must-know fundamental success principles of internet marketing, Expert Secrets then took things a step further and taught its readers how to build a tribe and movement around your business by creating die-hard fans that will literally be begging to buy your product or service.

It’s no great surprise then that Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson instantly became another smash hit and absolute must-read book on internet marketing.

FREE Expert Secrets Book

Again if you have not read it yet, please stop what you are doing and go grab your FREE copy here right now! When you’ve taken your business to the next level, you can thank us later!

Where is ClickFunnels located?

ClickFunnels is located in Boise, Idaho but has users from all over the world!

Are ClickFunnels Legit?

Ok so first of all let’s clear up some common confusion:

First of all – ‘ClickFunnels’ are not a thing in their own right. No, the term ‘ClickFunnels’ refers to the online sales funnel building platform built by Etison LLC (Russell Brunson’s company) that allows you to build sales funnels.

So if you are asking yourself are sales funnels legit? Then of course they are!

It is common knowledge that an effective sales funnel is key to success in both the online and offline worlds and they are used by companies all the time!

Second of all, if you have read this far down then you should by now understand the importance of ClickFunnels as a one stop shop for all of your marketing needs.

In fact, to take things a step further, did you know that beyond just sales funnels ClickFunnels can also help you to:

  • Collect email addresses from leads
  • Automate your email marketing and follow up sequences
  • Sell physical products
  • Maximize customer and average order value through one click upsells
  • Deliver digital products
  • Make membership areas
  • Build landing pages without having to write a single line of code with drag and drop functionality so easy a child can do it?
  • Easily split-test pages to see which ones convert higher?

So in summary yes, ClickFunnels is real.

Yes its changing lives (its already created in excess of 500 millionaires).


No, ClickFunnels is not a scam.

No, ClickFunnels is not fake.

No, ClickFunnels is not a pyramid scheme or a get-rich-quick scheme.

At the end of the day it’s simply a marketing and automation tool but a VERY powerful one at that.

ClickFunnels was also built by marketers for marketers and was therefore born out of a very real frustration at just how long and expensive it was to design, launch, test and tweak a sales funnel.

Now thanks to ClickFunnels, it’s a piece of cake so for that reason all of us at FunnelBeginner.com will be eternally grateful to Russell Brunson and the ClickFunnels Team!


When Was ClickFunnels Founded?

We hope this article was able to clear up some of your big questions and any potential confusion surrounding ClickFunnels as well as answer when ClickFunnels was founded, launched and where ClickFunnels is located.

We can confidently say that we highly recommend ClickFunnels if you are serious about taking your digital marketing to the next level and making more money online.

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