New ClickFunnels Pricing September 2019: The ClickFunnels 5 Year Birthday Announcement

This post covers details of the recent ClickFunnels 5 year birthday announcement made on September 23rd 2019 that primarily affected ClickFunnels pricing moving forward but also introduced a renewed sense of focus as well as some feature related announcements and support model changes.

In case you missed Russell Brunson’s announcement, we break down all of the details for you in this handy summary!

New ClickFunnels Pricing 2019

The Future of ClickFunnels

In the birthday announcement, Russell Brunson dispelled rumors that ClickFunnels was going public or that he was retiring (or worse being fired from ClickFunnels!), instead choosing to focus on reminding followers that ClickFunnels was the category king of sales funnels (builders).

Then in true Russell Brunson style – he got a little vulnerable…

And he admitted he had made a mistake…

2 years ago he had decided to try and pursue too many different features simultaneously which had only led to increased cost and decreased support capabilities.

As a result Russell Brunson and the ClickFunnels team were announcing a new focus on remaining the best at what they do – being the category king of sales funnels platforms.

They are therefore sunsetting some features and have elected to remove the word Actionetics from their vernacular. In fact Actionetics is being rebranded ‘Follow Up Funnels’ and certain features will no longer be made available to new users.

Brunson also eluded to a new focus on partnerships and acquisitions in order to work with category kings of specific categories rather than trying to pursue ClickFunnels being the category king of all of them.

ClickFunnels Support Changes

ClickFunnels will now offers it’s users the opportunity to help resolve support tickets and get paid in the process!

Visit this link to find out more about the application process!

New ClickFunnels Pricing

Probably the biggest part of the announcement related to the forthcoming changes in ClickFunnels pricing on a go forward basis.

While the $97 per month ClickFunnels plan will effectively not change, ClickFunnels announced the introduction of a new ClickFunnels pricing tier names ‘ClickFunnels Platinum’ that will cost $697 per month.

Whats more for those users currently on the $297 per month Etison plan, they will be upgraded to Platinum at no additional cost. Similary users on the ClickFunnels $97 per month plan can also secure Platinum for $297 per month if they act now by upgrading their account at

What Is ClickFunnels Platinum?

As mentioned above, ClickFunnels Platinum is the new membership tier introduced by ClickFunnels as part of their 5 year birthday announcement.

Ultimately ClickFunnels Platinum seems destined to replace the current ClickFunnels pricing and in particular the Etison plan that costs $297 per month… but Platinum will come with an increased price tag of $697 per month for new user signs ups. Existing Etison Plan members will be grandfathered in at $297 per month.

So what do you get exactly with ClickFunnels Platinum?

Per Russell’s stack slide you get all of the following:

  • Clickfunnels Unlimited ($297/mo value)
  • Follow Up Funnels Unlimited ($297/mo value)
  • New Daily Virtual Hack-A-Thon (Usually reserved only for $25k paying mentorship members)
  • New Funnel Hacker Forum (Priceless)
  • New FunnelFlix membership (INSANE VALUE)

Interesting… tell me more about the last three…

Glad you asked! 🙂

What Is The ClickFunnels Daily Virtual Hack-A-Thon?

These will be scheduled daily live virtual summits where you can join to learn how to build specific funnel types and follow along yourself.

So whether you are looking to create a lead funnel, a webinar funnel or somethings else… there will be a scheduled day to learn each of those funnels.

This is a brilliant new feature that really is testament to the ClickFunnels mission to help make its users successful.

What Is The Funnel Hacker Forum?

ClickFunnels is well known for its awesome Facebook community but have you ever noticed how the Facebook group is actually double the size of the ClickFunnels number of active paying users?

The result is that not everyone providing an answer is legitimately into ClickFunnels or well placed to answer your question.

Enter the new ClickFunnels forum that will only be accessible by paying members so you can rest assured that only users will reply to your thread.

What is FunnelFlix?

And finally the coup-de-grace… Russell announces his Funnel equivalent of Netflix, appropriately names FunnelFlix.

Think of FunnelFlix as a vault of courses and content designed to educate you on things like funnels, marketing and mindset principles to once again make you more primed for success.

At the time of the announcement, FunnelFlix was showing the following content:

As a Platinum user you will have immediate access to the following items within FunnelFlix:

  • Getting started – 2 Comma Club Winners explain how to get started
  • Affiliate Bootcamp – Getting started with affiliate marketing from scratch
  • Tony Robbins – Personal development, a special collection from Tony Robbins
  • Ad Skills From Justin Brooke
  • Money Mindset with John Reese
  • FunnelHacker TV
  • 10X Documentary – Watch Russell ‘fail’ on stage
  • FunnelBuilderSecrets – Sold for over $3000 over the course of the last 3 years
  • Product Secrets – Learn how to create a product of your own in one weekend
  • Outsource Force with John Reese
  • Funnel University – 3 years worth of FunnelU content
  • The Warrior’s Way with Garrett J White
  • One Funnel Away Challenge
  • Funnel Hackathon – Training and videos from an event that cost $10k to attend
  • Traffic Secrets from John Reese – Everything you need to know about running traffic.
  • Course Secrets – Coming Soon

$297 per month users get full access to all content while $97 per month users will still be able to access a large number of pieces but not all of them.

New content will also be added on a go-forward basis!

Summary – New ClickFunnels Pricing & More

ClickFunnels Review

So in summary, ClickFunnels and Russell Brunson announced:

  • A renewed sense of focus to double down on being the category king of sales funnels
  • A new ClickFunnels pricing tier called ClickFunnels Platinum slated to be rolled out at $697 per month
  • The sunsetting of certain features and the rebranding of Actionetics to ‘Follow Up Funnels’
  • The launch of a new support model where you can get paid to answer support tickets
  • The launch of new features such as:
    • A dedicated support forum for paying users only
    • Daily follow along funnel building sessions
    • Access to a large library of funnel related trainings called FunnelFlix!

Russell also mentioned that this announcement was just one of 3 phases of big announcements!

  1. Phase 1: September 23rd, 2019
  2. Phase 2: At FunnelHackingLive on January 31st, 2020
  3. Phase 3: On Russell’s 40th birthday March 8th, 2020

It’s fair to say that once again ClickFunnels shows they mean business and that they are continuing to evolve as a company.

Its also a reminder that prices can go up at any time so don’t delay in taking advantage of being an action taker and… Get your FREE 14 Day ClickFunnels Trial Here

You can also find the full ClickFunnels announcement, including comments made about the new ClickFunnels Pricing plans such as ClickFunnels Platinum here