How To Delete A Funnel In ClickFunnels

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Looking for more information on how to delete a funnel in ClickFunnels?

Ironically this is a question that comes up very often and while it would appear a simple question on the surface to answer, in reality the response is in fact a little more nuanced than you might imagine.

So let’s get right into it.

Why Delete A Funnel in ClickFunnels?

While I understand you want to know how to delete a funnel in ClickFunnels, I also want to briefly call out why you would want to delete a funnel in ClickFunnels in the first place.

Yes, you may of course just want to deep-six a funnel that you have been  working on and can’t stand looking at anymore… but for many users the the main reason to delete a funnel in ClickFunnels is actually due to ClickFunnels account subscription limitations.

For example. on the $97 per month ClickFunnels plan you are actually limited to 20 funnels a month.

This means every single funnel you have in your account, whether it is a share funnel or one of your own, is occupying valuable real estate on your monthly ClickFunnels funnel quota.

It is therefore a good idea to keep your funnel list clean and tidy so you only keep the funnels you really want to use or leverage.

This is of course not an issue for any user on the ClickFunnels Unlimited $297 per month plan where you get not only unlimited funnels but unlimited visitors too (as well as some other cool features such as unrestricted access to the new ClickFunnels FunnelFlixcheck it out here).

How Do I Delete Funnels in ClickFunnels

How To Delete A Funnel In ClickFunnels

Ok, so with the above said and done, now the moment you have been waiting for: how to delete a funnel in ClickFunnels.

The straight answer?

Unfortunately you kinda can’t…! Well at least not in typical sense.

Instead what you do is ‘archive it’ which actually does a couple of things:

  • It removes the funnel from your primary funnel list within the ClickFunnels (which helps to keep your funnel list organized and tidy)
  • It moves the archived funnel into its own category of ‘Archived Funnels’ so you can quickly identify the funnels you deleted (well archived!)
  • It gives you the ability to restore any archived funnel which means you can always bring your work back from the dead and restore it to its former greatness should you need to!

Delete A Funnel in ClickFunnels – Step By Step Guide (read above first!)

So to ‘archive’ a funnel in ClickFunnels follow this step by step process:

Step 1: From the dashboard, go to ClickFunnels to bring up your funnel list

Delete A Funnel In ClickFunnels

Step 2: Identify the funnel you want to archive and click edit

Delete Funnel

Step 3: From the funnel overview screen, click on ‘Settings’ from the bar. Once in the funnel settings tab, scroll all the way down and click on archive entire funnel from the bottom left hand corner

How To Delete Funnel

Step 4: You’re done! The funnel will now reside in the ‘Archived Funnels’ section of ClickFunnels.

I also found this quick YouTube video that you can watch to walk you through the process!

How Do I Restore A Deleted Funnel In ClickFunnels?

To restore an archived funnel in ClickFunnels, go through the following steps:

How To Delete A Funnel In ClickFunnels

Step 1: From the dashboard, go to ClickFunnels to bring up your funnel list

Step 2: Go to the ‘Archived Funnels’ tab

Step 3: Identify the deleted funnel you wish to restore

Step 4: Click the ‘Restore’ buttons and you’re done! The funnel will now be available once again for editing and usage within the primary funnel list inside ClickFunnels.

Delete A Funnel In ClickFunnels – Conclusion

While the argument is perhaps a little semantic in nature, what ClickFunnels considers deleting a funnel is really archiving a funnel to everyone else.

The upside of this is that you can always get your work back and let’s face it – that’s probably no bad thing!

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