Free Funnel Builder: What Are Your Options?

Looking for a free funnel builder?

We definitely understand that when you’re just getting started budget can be a HUGE driver in your decisions as to which marketing tools you can go with.

So in this short article we will provide you with one free funnel builder option as well as what we believe is the best tool you should be using, albeit a paid one.

But first lets start with the free!

Where Can I Find A Free Funnel Builder?

If you’ve done any research on this topic already you have probably already discovered, somewhat unsurprisingly, that pretty much all funnel building software out there are paid platforms.

This is for good reason….

It’s because they are VALUABLE!

At the end of the day is it fair to expect a platform to be free AND help make you a lot more money?

It feels a little contradictory in nature wouldn’t you agree?

That said, we said we’d provide you with a free funnel builder to consider and so here goes nothing!

After a lot of research we came across a platform called Lead Sanity.

ClickFunnels Free

Now admittedly we must confess a couple of things:

  • We had never heard of Lead Sanity before researching this article (probably for good reason…)
  • We have never used Lead Sanity


Lead Sanity does feature a totally free ‘Newby’ tier and has paid options starting from as little as $9.95 a month…


ClickFunnels Free

Up to you if you want to give it a try but if you are really serious about taking your online marketing to the next level then there is only ONE tool that we recommend.

That is ClickFunnels.

Ok But Can You Get ClickFunnels For Free?

Are ClickFunnels Legit?

Unfortunately.. no.

ClickFunnels is in fact a paid funnel builder with 2 pricing plans: $97 per month and $297 per month


Not only is ClickFunnels worth every single penny, you can actually get a FREE ClickFunnels trial for 14 days!

This is the BEST way to discover all of the amazing features that ClickFunnels has to offer before you ever spend a single dollar.

As avid ClickFunnels users ourselves, we’re confident you’ll love it.

So why not give it a go completely risk free by simply clicking the blue button below!

Thanks for reading!