ClickFunnels Spencer Mecham: A Closer Look At ClickFunnel’s Top Super Affiliate

ClickFunnels Spencer Mecham

When it comes to promoting ClickFunnels Spencer Mecham is an absolute beast.

In this article we give a brief overview of why Spencer is ClickFunnels top affiliate by a very long way.

Who Is Spencer Mecham?

Spencer Mecham is ClickFunnel’s number one super affiliate and is currently considered one of the best affiliate marketers in the world.

Just take a look at his ClickFunnels Dream Car progress bar below (and know that his numbers are likely even higher now!)

Spencer Mecham ClickFunnels

That is absolutely INSANE!

He is literally breaking the ClickFunnels affiliate interface…!

While most marketers are struggling to even get a few active sign ups going in the first and then sticking in the hopes of winning their dream car bonus, Spencer already has in excess of 2500 people signed up through his affiliate link.

Thats the equivalent of saying something like Spencer ‘owns’ 2.5% of the entire ClickFunnels user base..

Or that even conservatively at $38.80 per user per month (40% of the $97 per month plan which lets face it is the floor as many users will be on higher $297 tier pricing plan), Spencer makes AT LEAST a cool $97,000 per month!

That is BEFORE these referred customers buy anything else through ClickFunnels and Spencer gets the benefit of the sticky cookie! (If you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say sticky cookie then read my detailed ClickFunnels Affiliate Guide here)

So I think its fair to say that Spencer Mecham knows a thing or two about affiliate marketing and how to best promote ClickFunnels!

How Has Spencer Been So Successful As A ClickFunnels Affiliate?

Based on a number of interviews I have seen with Spencer, he claims that one of the key ways he has been able to be so successful as a ClickFunnels affiliate and more importantly KEEP his referred trials sticking long term with ClickFunnels (thus guaranteeing his continuity of affiliate income) is through proactive outreach.

As ‘crazy’ as it sounds, Spencer reaches out to his trials to see how he can help them be successful and this in turn leads to him retaining more trials and in turn dollars flowing into his account each month.

To facilitate this Spencer has developed a Google Chrome extension that enables him to download his referred leads email addresses (note: ClickFunnels is one of the few affiliate programs out there that makes this data available to you as the affiliate but it is not easy to grab the addresses and put them into your favorite third party email marketing tool like GetResponse or Active Campaign).

With the leads downloaded Spencer can put his prospects through a nurturing email automation sequence.

How Can I Find Out More About Spencer Mecham?

Given Spencer’s background and success, if you are serious about learning affiliate marketing from the best of the best and in particular in promoting ClickFunnels for the purposes of generating passive income, then I would HIGHLY recommend you check out Spencer’s course ‘Affiliate Secrets 2.0’.

The reviews for Affiliate Secrets 2.0 have been nothing short of outstanding and it is no wonder that so many ClickFunnels Dream Car Winners credit Spencer’s course as being a key factor in their success!

You can go straight to the order page to see exactly what you’ll get and his range of sweet bonuses by clicking below:


I would also suggest you watch his free training here

You get his Chrome Extension here

And that you of course go and follow Spencer on his other channels such as by subscribing to his YouTube channel and by also joining his excellent Facebook Group.

Spencer Mecham is the real deal and it’s no wonder he’s by and far the best performing ClickFunnels Super Affiliate.

I think he is a great inspiration to all of us pursuing affiliate marketing and I hope to meet him at the next Funnel Hacking Live!