ClickFunnels Is Fake? A Deeper Look

ClickFunnels Is Fake

Trying to find out if ClickFunnels is fake?

A scam?

Or a legitimate business?

You’ve come to the right place.

As users of the ClickFunnels software ourselves, we can happily confirm beyond a show of a doubt that ClickFunnels and the team behind it are indeed 100% legitimate.

While there may be a lot of hype around ClickFunnels overall online, there certainly is no ‘Click Funnel Scam’ or wider conspiracy.

In fact, ClickFunnels is a certified real business that empowers entrepreneurs and digital marketers to quickly and easily build professional landing pages and online sales funnels through it’s powerful web-based funnel building platform.

So let’s take a deeper look.

What Is ClickFunnels Exactly?

Are ClickFunnels Legit?

First and foremost ClickFunnels is a web-based software designed to help you quickly and easily build an online sales funnel.

Unlike a website, a sales funnel represents a series of steps designed to take a person from prospect to customer in a guided fashion without the interference of distractions or too many choices.

A funnel is scripted.

A funnel is focused.

Funnels work. Period.

But hey, this article is not about why use funnels… We’re here to answer a much simpler question: is ClickFunnels fake.

And as we’ve mentioned the answer is no.

Here’s some reasons why:

ClickFunnels is NOT an MLM company or pyramid scheme, nor is it a get rich quick scheme despite some of the hypey claims made at times by other marketers.

ClickFunnels is simply a tool designed to help you as an entrepreneur either:


As you know, sales and marketing activities are the essential lifeblood of any business and so collecting leads, in particular email addresses, and generating revenue through sales is a critical part of any go to market strategy.

Also if you stop to think about it… Given that ClickFunnels revolves around a paid subscription in which you pay a monthly fee in return for access to real software, there is simply no way that ClickFunnels is fake!

So ClickFunnels Is Fake? Here’s Why ClickFunnels Is In Fact Legit.

ClickFunnels has actually been in business now for several years, and while you are right in thinking that the ‘make money online’ and wider general internet marketing space is often fraught with scams, ClickFunnels simply isn’t one of them!

Did you know for example that ClickFunnels currently counts over 96,000 active users as paying customers on its SaaS platform?

That represents A LOT of happy customers paying for the ClickFunnels subscription month in and month out!

Or that it has a Facebook community of over 200,000 people?

Or that there is a face behind ClickFunnels in it’s identifiable owner and founder Russell Brunson?

Makes it a little hard to argue with right?

But Wait There’s More… ClickFunnels Products & Training Programs

One Funnel Away Challenge

Here’s a small selection of some core ClickFunnels products you should review because not only do they underscore why ClickFunnel is legit, they are also immensely help and we HIGHLY recommend them!:

  • Dotcom Secrets Book – the best book to start with for learning how to sell anything effectively online. Better yet this amazing book is absolutely FREE. You just have to cover $7.95 shipping. Grab your copy here
  • Expert Secrets Book – the second in the trilogy series from Russell Brunson, this book will show you how to create a mass movement and build a tribe around your brand. Again you can get a copy of this book for FREE by going here
  • One Funnel Away Challenge – simply the best $100 you will ever spend on online training. We were absolutely blown away at just how much value there is in this program. Check it out here
  • Affiliate Bootcamp – find out how promoting ClickFunnels could provide you with a full time passive income online! Check it out here
  • Funnel Scripts – check out this amazing software from Jim Edwards (author of Copywriting Secrets) that will literally create all of your copy for you so you never have to worry about crafting high converting sales copy again!

Heard enough?

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