ClickFunnels Hosting – Where Is ClickFunnels Hosted?

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ClickFunnels Hosting

ClickFunnels Hosting Explained

Hosting your landing page or sales funnel is a breeze thanks to the fact that ClickFunnels includes hosting in the cost of your monthly plan (regardless of whether you are on the ClickFunnels or Etison plan).

That means you do not have to pay for an external hosting provider of any kind.

In fact you actually cannot host your funnel related pages anywhere other than through ClickFunnels and they in turn ensure your pages stay live and online as well as secure.

This is good news as it means:

  • You are not required to maintain the cost of a third party hosting provider on an annual basis (which in turn saves you money and further reinforces ClickFunnels as a one-stop-shop service provider)
  • You do not have to install anything or handle anything technical! You just need to connect a domain or, if you are happy to, you can continue to use the subdomain you automatically receive from ClickFunnels after sign up

Once you register a domain name (or use an existing one that you own) and connect it to your ClickFunnels account your ClickFunnels hosting will then be live right away leaving you to focus on what actually matters – designing, building and launching profitable ClickFunnels pages that generate you leads and make you money!

ClickFunnels Hosting – How Can I Add A Custom Domain To My ClickFunnels Account?

ClickFunnels Hosting of Custom Domains

If you want to add your own domain to your ClickFunnels account then all you have to do is follow the specific instructions for your particular hosting provider.

You can find a ClickFunnels support article detailing step by step instructions for each hosting provider here

While ClickFunnels will provide you with one free domain as part of your monthly membership, we do recommend always purchasing your domains through a third party such as GoDaddy as ultimately this will provide you with total control over your domain.

ClickFunnels Hosting – Can ClickFunnels Integrate With My WordPress Site?


You can download, install and activate the ClickFunnels WordPress plugin by searching for it in the plugin section of WordPress.

This will effectively provide you with the capability to embed funnels into your WordPress site but have the hosting through your own provider.

We do however recommend letting each platform do what its great at – ClickFunnels for building and hosting funnels and WordPress for blogging. Trying to cross the two over may not reap the intended reward and so at FunnelBeginner we have always kept the two activities totally separate.

ClickFunnels Hosting – Summary

ClickFunnels makes hosting extremely easy as you basically do not need to a thing.

No external provider to worry about and nothing additional to install. Its just another great benefit of having a ClickFunnels account!

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