ClickFunnels Contact Number: How To Contact ClickFunnels For Support

ClickFunnels Contact Number

There’s no denying that most of the time ClickFunnels is a very solid and easy-to-use platform but as with any software sometimes you just need a little help! So if you are looking for a ClickFunnels contact number as you’re in need of a little help – read on.

In this short article we’ll cover things like:

  • How to contact ClickFunnels support
  • How to find a ClickFunnels contact number (but there are better ways to get technical support as you’ll soon see!)
  • How you can find more information on how to manage your ClickFunnels billing and subscription plans
  • And more!

Ok so without any further delay – here we go!

How To Contact ClickFunnels Support

ClickFunnels has a dedicated team of customer support agents that can help you out during business hours.

If you need to get in touch with ClickFunnels customer support then follow the below steps:

1: Go to the help button from the top right hand corner of any page

ClickFunnels Support

2: Use the docs section for a self-service style knowledge base or click ‘Get Help’ to be able to interact with the ClickFunnels support bot.

By going through the bot you will be able to raise a ClickFunnels support ticket or in some cases choose to speak to a ClickFunnels customer support agent directly through live chat.

ClickFunnels Support Chat

For the complete ClickFunnels Support overview page you can click here.

Is There A ClickFunnels Contact Number Or A ClickFunnels Support Email?

Unfortunately ClickFunnels, at the time of writing at least, does not have a direct support telephone number. If you therefore looking for technical or account related support you are best to follow the steps outlined in the section above.

That said, if you are still looking for a ClickFunnels contact number for other reasons, there is actually one listed on the Better Business Bureau website.

Per the site it says that the ClickFunnels contact number is (208) 323-9451. You can see full details by going here.

As far as a ClickFunnels support email, you can use the following email addresses for their specific intention:

All technical related support will however be handled through support tickets and the only email correspondence you will receive is after actually submitting a ticket. This is because all tickets are answered by individual ClickFunnels support agents who respond to each individual query.

Please also note that the typical ClickFunnels support hours are Monday-Friday, 9am – 5pm (Mountain Time).

For more information on how to manage your ClickFunnels account billing and subscription plans read our detailed support article here.

Joining The ClickFunnels Support Team?

During the ClickFunnels 5th Birthday announcement Russell Brunson (CEO and Founder of ClickFunnels) announced a new support scheme that enables ClickFunnels users to actually get paid for helping to answer open support tickets raised by the ClickFunnels community.

If this could be of interest to you, you can find out more details here.

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