Click Funnel Scam? Or Legitimate Business?

Click Funnel Scam

So you’re trying to find out if ClickFunnels is a scam or a legitimate business?

We can happily confirm that ClickFunnels and the team behind it is 100% legitimate.

There is no ‘Click Funnel Scam’ and ClickFunnels is a certified real business empowering digital marketers to easily build professional online sales funnels through their beginner friendly online funnel builder software platform.

Click Funnel Scam – Here’s The Proof Why ClickFunnels Is Legit

ClickFunnels has been in business now for several years, and while you are right in thinking that the ‘make money online’ and wider general internet marketing space is often rife with scams, ClickFunnels simply isn’t one of them.

For starters it is not an MLM company or an organization that revolves around pyramid selling.

Furthermore ClickFunnels sells software so you are actually getting access to a service of value backed by a support team so its not a question of not receiving your purchase as is the case with other scams.

Currently ClickFunnels counts (at the time of writing at least) over 96,000 active users on its SaaS platform – that’s a lot of happy customers paying for the service month in and month out!

ClickFunnels has an identifiable owner and founder in Russell Brunson. You can check out his Facebook page here

And finally ClickFunnels has a wide range of excellent products and training programs that again you can enjoy safe in the knowledge that its great information from an awesome company.

ClickFunnels Products & Training Programs

Here’s a small selection of key ClickFunnels products you should definitely consider:

  • Dotcom Secrets Book – the perfect starting place for learning how to sell effectively online. Better yet this amazing book is absolutely FREE. You just have to cover shipping. Grab your copy here
  • Expert Secrets Book – the second in the series from Russell Brunson, this book expands to show you how to create a mass movement and build a real tribe around your brand. Again huge value and the book if FREE. Grab your copy here
  • One Funnel Away Challenge – the best online training you may ever buy in terms of value for money and priming you for online success. I was absolutely blown away at just how much you can get out of this program for a very small upfront fee. Its worth every penny. Check it out here
  • Affiliate Bootcamp – find out how promoting ClickFunnels could be your gateway to making passive income online! Check it out here
  • Funnel Scripts – check out this amazing software that will literally create all of your copy for you so you never have to worry about crafting high converting sales copy again!

And finally if you are ready to find the best kept secret when it comes to getting a deal on ClickFunnels monthly plans then click the button below – it is the BEST way to save on ClickFunnels if you’re serious about taking action: