Finding The Perfect Background Dimension For ClickFunnels Background

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Within ClickFunnels there are a couple of different places where you can place a background image.

In this article we are going to cover background options as well as discuss available information regarding the perfect background dimension for ClickFunnels backgrounds.

Placing Background Images Within The ClickFunnels Editor

There are 3 core places where you can place a background image within ClickFunnels:

  • As the background of an entire page
  • As the background of a specific section or
  • Even as the background of a specific column

Once you have decided on the position for your image, you then have a range of options when it comes to how you want that image to behave as a background within ClickFunnels.

Background Dimension For ClickFunnels Background

For example, do you want the image to:

  • Be a Full Center Fit
  • Fill 100% Width
  • Not Repeat
  • Repeat
  • Repeat Horizontally
  • Repeat Vertically

The choice is yours.

As far as the background dimensions for ClickFunnels backgrounds go.. regrettably ClickFunnels has not actually published what it deems to be the perfect background dimensions.

Rather than overthink it though, we suggest you take a couple of steps to ensure your funnels remain optimized. This starts  outside of the ClickFunnels platform by optimizing any images directly prior to physically uploading them to ClickFunnels.

After all, failure to optimize an image can dramatically impact how fast your funnel pages load and in turn impact conversions.

How To Find & Optimize Background Images For ClickFunnels Backgrounds

Background Dimension For ClickFunnels Background

If you are in need of a background for your funnel on ClickFunnels then you can find high quality royalty free images on a number of sites including but not limited to:

Alternatively if you are looking to add a little texture as your background rather than just add an image, you can use an excellent site called Subtle Patterns, which as the name suggests, will provide you with a range of subtle patterns to choose from and really help make your page contrast/pop.

Once you have found your desired background image, make sure you optimize it prior to uploading it to ClickFunnels.

In order to this we highly recommend first of all resizing your desired image to at least 50% of its current dimensions (or to a specific pixel dimension if you know what you are looking for).

You can do this simply on a site such as Simple Image Resizer.

Once resized, you should then also compress your image prior to upload. For compression we like to use TinyPNG.

Both of these services are both instant and completely free.

Getting Additional Help

Of course one of the benefits of being a ClickFunnels user is that you can get help by going to help from the top navigation menu at any time. You can of course always use this to reach out and open a ticket with ClickFunnels support to see what they believe the recommended background dimension for ClickFunnels backgrounds should be.

You can also search their help center for useful articles such as this one.

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