Are ClickFunnels Safe?

Are ClickFunnels Safe

ClickFunnels is an amazing all-in-one marketing software platform designed to help digital marketers maximize their sales revenue (and profit) through the use of online sales funnels but are ClickFunnels safe?

Due to ClickFunnel’s explosive growth – it really has taken the internet marketing space by storm since its founding in 2014 – it leads some people to naturally question the integrity of the company. Are ClickFunnels safe? Is ClickFunnels a scam?

To cut to the chase – yes, ClickFunnels is absolutely safe and no, it most definitely is not a scam.

To prove that point, lets go over things in detail so you are totally comfortable with why ClickFunnels is safe to use in your online business.

So Are ClickFunnels Safe?

Are ClickFunnels Legit?

Let’s try to clarify a couple of things that people often get confused about as technically the above question doesn’t actually make sense:

  • First of all ‘ClickFunnels’ is simply the software product name, not the object itself
  • You therefore do not create a ‘ClickFunnel’, you simply create a ‘Funnel’
  • ‘ClickFunnels’ – the software – is owned by Etison LLC, which is the company founded by Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson

Ok now that we have covered those points, let’s get back to why ClickFunnels is totally safe.

At the time of writing ClickFunnels is actively used by in excess of 95,000 active monthly users. This is testament to the validity of ClickFunnels as it now has a huge community of happy customers to support.

Furthermore it is worth noting that:

  • ClickFunnels has not had any major security breach
  • ClickFunnels is compliant with required laws and regulation
  • There are big name marketers and businesses using ClickFunnels for their various landing page and funnel needs
  • ClickFunnels is a real business with real people behind it providing a real service of value through their SaaS platform
  • ClickFunnels has many happy customers and maintains a 5 star average on the Better Business Bureau website. You can see it here

Did you know ClickFunnels also offers a very generous affiliate program that can help you to create an excellent passive side income?

Ok So If ClickFunnels Is Safe, What Are The Downsides?

We believe ClickFunnels is awesome but like any company going through immense growth occasionally there are growing pains.

Support can sometimes be a little sluggish, the dashboard interface can change frequently and very rarely you may encounter an outage but truth be told these are items you will encounter with any software platform out there.


So instead of looking for ways to find fault with ClickFunnels you should really be considering the disproportionate amount of positives:

  • A raving fan base of users
  • An amazing online community of engaged entrepreneurs
  • The most all-in-one marketing platform available on the market
  • Easy drag-and-drop page editor user interface
  • Easy A/B split testing
  • Professional designed templates
  • And so much more!

In fact if you are looking for a comprehensive overview of ClickFunnels and its capabilities then check out our detailed ClickFunnels review here

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Conclusion – Are ClickFunnels Safe?

ClickFunnels as a software platform is not only safe, it will help you to succeed online regardless of your industry.

If you are looking to generate leads or make sales online then ClickFunnels is for you.

Given that you have absolutely nothing to lose by trialling ClickFunnels free of charge, why not see why marketers love ClickFunnels for yourself?