Top 10 Best Alternatives to ClickFunnels – The Complete List of ClickFunnels Alternatives

As I’m sure you are aware, ClickFunnels is the current market leader of all funnel building platforms. However if you are looking for the best ClickFunnels alternatives then look no further.

In this article we are going to discuss the top alternatives to ClickFunnels as well as even discuss a free alternative that you can consider.

That said, let me preface one thing right away…

Here at FunnelBeginner we still believe ClickFunnels is the absolute best platform for you to use as in our opinion it does the most out of all available tools, they host all of your funnels for you and they have a demonstrated track record of success with many users having now won their prestigious two comma club award for over a million dollars generated through a single funnel.

So Why Look For Alternatives To ClickFunnels?

While we believe ClickFunnels is literally awesome and worth every penny, it can be a little daunting to someone who is just starting out to commit to ClickFunnels pricing – as at a first glance it may appear expensive.

Here’s a couple of things to bear in mind though:

  1. ClickFunnels has a 14 day FREE trial – so there is actually zero risk in trying it out. We’re confident you’ll love it right away so why not at least try it out first by going here?
  2. With ClickFunnels you’re not just paying for a funnel building and marketing tool. You are also part of a great community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are following their dreams. We are yet to see any other provider instil such a strong culture of success around their product as ClickFunnels has been able to do
  3. ClickFunnels really works! If you think about how much money you could make, isn’t the cost justified by the potential upside? It’s just a cost of doing business after all.

But if you still really want to explore other options, here are the best ClickFunnels alternatives currently available in the marketplace in 2019.

Leadpages – From $25 per month

ClickFunnels Alternative - Leadpages

Perhaps one of the best known alternatives to ClickFunnels is Leadpages.

Leadpages was one of the first tools to hit the market and is considered a large and established player in the digital marketing industry.

It is similar to ClickFunnels in that it is also user friendly and does not require you to know how to write any code as it features a simple drag-and-drop landing page editor. You can also add a variety of different elements such as images, videos, headings, buttons and more to your landing pages.

While cheaper than ClickFunnels, the Leadpages starter plan is also significantly more limited as you can only use it on 1 website.

Their Pro Plan is still cheaper but is limited to 3 websites and you should not expect all of the automation and integration capabilities that ClickFunnels can provide. It simply does not have them, within this plan at least.

Whereas ClickFunnels has Actionetics and Backpack on its premium plan to make ClickFunnels a true one-stop-shop for your marketing needs, Leadpages will likely take care of your immediate one off funnel/landing page needs only and you’ll still be required to pay for separate subscriptions for auto-responders etc.

To find out more about Leadpages specifically click here.

Instapage – From $99 per month

ClickFunnels Alternative - Instapage

Unlike ClickFunnels or Leadpages, Instapage requires you to know how to code to take full advantage of the platform. So unless you have knowledge of HTML, CSS and other coding skills you may find this tool hard to pick up as a beginner or as a pure marketer.

Instapage does come with split testing capabilities, integrations to popular auto-responders such as MailChimp and Aweber and an analytics suite but this tool suits someone who wants to make something very custom and is definitely a more sophisticated or enterprise level user.

Our recommendation is that if you are looking for ease of use, ClickFunnels will win over Instapage any day.

Samcart – From $99 per month

ClickFunnels Alternative - Samcart

Think of Samcart as a landing page builder and shopping cart combined.

This is good for anyone who is not just looking to create leads but also sell physical and/or digital products and requires a quick checkout experience.

Overall Samcart has a fairly strong offering but again will not be able to offer all of the capabilities that ClickFunnels can despite being similar in monthly cost.

For more information on Samcart click here.

GetResponse – From $49 per month

ClickFunnels Alternative - GetResponse

So don’t get us wrong… we love GetResponse!

It’s an awesome email marketing automation tool.

But that’s just it… its designed by experts in email marketing. So while they offer funnel building capabilities, the product offering itself is still optimized for email in our opinion as that’s where it really excels.

Just check out their email automation workflow capability and you’ll see what we mean! Heck, their logo is even an email message icon.

Bottom line is – we recommend using GetResponse for email marketing automation if that’s what you’re looking for (you can even get a FREE trial of GetResponse for 30 whole days here) but ClickFunnels is still the best funnel builder on the market.

Thrive Themes – Membership from $19 per month

ClickFunnels Alternative - Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes offers a number of different plugins for WordPress based websites that you can purchase individually on a license based model (e.g. single use, 5 licenses etc) or have access to through a fairly low cost monthly membership.

In the funnel building arena, it is specifically Thrive Architect that is the product they position for meeting your funnel needs. In reality though it is a landing page builder.

Thrive Architect is fine for one off pages but nowhere near as powerful as ClickFunnels in terms of being an all-in-one marketing solution.

The other Thrive plugins are very solid, especially Thrive Leads and we even use many of Thrives products on this blog, but there really is no comparison when it comes to making powerful sales funnels. ClickFunnels is the way to go.

Unbounce – From $79 per month

ClickFunnels Alternative - Unbounce

Unbounce is a cheaper alternative to ClickFunnels but can be at times quite limited in what it can do, once again requiring you to have several other tools in order to ‘piece together’ your sales funnel and the various capabilities you need.

While it does have a drag-and-drop landing page builder, which makes Unbounce more user friendly than some other tools, it does not have its own email or campaign management capabilities.

Unbounce may be cheaper but again its more of a single use tool than ClickFunnels so if you are looking for something more comprehensive we would not recommend it.

InfusionSoft (Keap) – From $59 per month

ClickFunnels Alternative - InfusionSoft Keap

InfusionSoft, which was rebranded recently as Keap, is a marketing automation software.

In this sense it can do many things to help automate your marketing efforts BUT it is also known to be at times extremely complicated to use!

This has led to many people in the industry dubbing it ‘ConfusionSoft’ – probably another reason for the branding name change!

It is powerful, that’s not up for debate, but this tool is probably better suited to medium to large enterprises that need a lot of customization.

It is also for this reason of the most expensive alternatives to ClickFunnels available for purchase.

Although.. they are currently offering 50% off all plans throughout the rest of 2019… read into that what you will!

Builderall – From $29.90 per month

ClickFunnels Alternative - Builderall

Builderall has certainly grown in size and now boasts over 40,000 users. In this sense it is a young and ambitious firm in much the same way ClickFunnels is.

That said, the trade-off is that Builderall has not yet reached the same level as ClickFunnels, both in its size of community or its level of support.

It basically feels as though they are still figuring a lot of things out and we do not want to be part of an experiment when its our business at stake.

Its certainly cheaper but for us, while we will keep an eye on Builderall into the future, ClickFunnels has the critical mass that we are looking for in order to feel comfortable placing our business on their platform.

For more information on Builderall click here.

Kartra – From $99 per month

ClickFunnels Alternative - Kartra

Kartra is a big competitor to ClickFunnels but again has not built the associated community around its product offering.

It does offer a fairly comprehensive all-in-one marketing platform that can handle landing pages, email marketing, memberships, checkout pages etc. You can also self-host your videos on Kartra which admittedly is a nice touch over ClickFunnels.

That said, given that you are getting close to ClickFunnels quality do not expect Kartra to be cheap, it actually has the ability to hugely surpass ClickFunnels in terms of cost should you require a large number of leads.

Convertri – From $53 per month

ClickFunnels Alternative - Convertri

Finally there’s new kid on the block Convertri who hopes to become the best alternative to ClickFunnels.

Claiming to be all about fast page speed loads and leveraging Accelerated Page Technology (APT), Convertri (is it just us or is that a weird name?) is a little different to other drag-and-drop builders as it is completely freeform in nature.

You can drag and drop elements anywhere on the page, you do not have to conform to sections and rows.

This is certainly neat but again this feels like too much of an experiment for us right now. One to watch but there’s not enough users yet in our opinion for us to consider using them for our business.

ClickFunnels is solid and that brings us a great deal of comfort, especially when its our hard earned (and future earned) dollars at stake.

Conclusion – Is there a good alternative to ClickFunnels?

Best Alternatives To ClickFunnels

While alternatives to ClickFunnels exist, and many are indeed cheaper, they are not created equal.

Simply put, ClickFunnels remains the category king offering the largest amount of integrated features.

No other tool can provide such an all-in-one capability for your overall funnel, automation and digital marketing needs. Especially with the $297 plan that offers both Actionetics MD for follow up action funnels and Backpack for creating your very own seamless affiliate program.

Unless you want to have several different tools, each performing its own function and coming with its own monthly or annual subscription, we strongly suggest you view ClickFunnels as a tool that is worth its weight in gold. Paying for quality is never a poor investment and can save you a great deal of lost time, money and frustration in the long run.

So why not skip looking for cheap or free alternatives to ClickFunnels and simply try the 14 day FREE trial of ClickFunnels to experience the power and simplicity of it for yourself!

Just click here for a risk-free trial or read our in-depth ClickFunnels Review

Note: The prices detailed above were accurate at the time of posting but are subject to change at any time. Please always do your own due diligence.